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So… About Starcraft II

I’m more than half-way through it after only having it for a couple of days. I’m in love with the campaign, but I can’t describe my hate for the multiplayer. It’s too fast-paced and worst of all, is all about rushing. But, again, I’m sticking to the campaign, and I can easily say it’s the only Blizzard Game I like.

As far as I’ve gotten, I just stuck to the “Booty Call” rule and chose Nova over Tosh, and I’ll be honest, I am in no way disappointed. :D

Anyways, a great game to play for the campaign. I didn’t even play the first one but I still love it.

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Addicted to Conventions?

AWA 2011 was my first convention, and I have to say, it was an amazing experience. Living in the south you feel kind of alienated when you’re into anime and stuff, but I really felt right at home there. :D

Needless to say, I can’t wait for the next convention I’ve signed up for, which is Kami-Con! Sure, it isn’t as big, but I’m really excited for it and it’s only a little over a month away. ^^

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Man Covers Entire Body In Post-It Notes

He didn’t want to get sunburn and look like an idiot.

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Now I got to sit and stare
Acting like I give a care
Pressing B, tappin A
Nothing makes him go away

Wise owl, give advice
time’s out, now it’s night
Hurry up, summarize,
Got to move, got to fly

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Went to AWA 2011 and saw some pretty amazing cosplays. So, I’m gonna post a few pictures up. Hope I get a chance to go to AWA 2012 and see some even more amazing cosplays.

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My first memory is a sad one. I remember it being a snowy day when I was around 2 years old. My cat Max ran into the road and was hit by a  Transfer Truck. It was a sad day, and even today I can still recall it moment by moment.